Event Planning

Girija Raghavan is very good in organizing events and exhibitions. She is very much experienced in this aspect, and her event organizing ability won her Appreciation since the days she worked for the bank where she was employed for 15 years. Be it Deposit mobilization, or cultural evenings, or sports meet, the bank used to assign the responsibility to her always. These events happened from 1976 –1981 at Bangalore and then 1981- 1991 at Madras. She was holding the positions of Cultural secretary, sports secretary and also Union Secretary of the Womens’ wing, and has conducted many events taking the leadership.

Later, when she had resigned from the bank and choose to be an entrepreneur herself, her immediate operations started from the satellite televisions. From 1995 she started organizing events for her programmes in television and also for the sattelite Television RAJ TV.She traveled with her programme to salem,coimbatore,Madurai etc ,where the programmes where visually taken and relayed in the TV.

Later in 1997 she started a magazine by name LADIES SPECIAL, a Tamil magazine for women, and frequent ladies’ events were organized to develop this magazine. In 2000 she took a name “Ursaga Thiruvizha’ and started traveling to all the districts and conducted competitions, workshop for women entrepreneurs, and motivating lectures for women. There used to be a VIP in all the events.It started from Madurai,where Mr.Bharathiraja was present,and then traveled to Chidambaram,mayuram,kumbakonam,tirunelvelli,salem,erode,a nd 5 places at chennai and the vips present were,Gangai amaran,Kutty Padmini,Muktha Srinivasan,Ve.Sekar,Padma Subramanian,Sudha raghunathan and Dr.Kalaignar’s wife Mrs.Rajathi ammal.

Later from 2004 ,she changed her route as exhibition for women entrepreneurs, to give marketing support. She used to organize one exhibition every month of the products of women entrepreneurs’ and the highlight of these events will be the attraction for the visitors. With her creativity in each event she used to have novel methods of publicity and different kind of entertainment to attract the crowd so that the exhibitors will have very good sales.
In this process She has minimum 100 committed women entrepreneurs, who are getting benefited by Mrs.Girija raghavan’s Tv programmes,Ladies Special magazine and the events she conducts.

Key Event Highlights
• Organised & conducted more than 500 events from 2000 in all parts of Tamilnadu,Bangalore,Mumbai &Kuwait
• Organised devotional events like Vilakku Poojai, Homam, and Bhajans with more than 1000 ladies at a time
• Organised Business oriented seminars, exclusively for women, at Chennai and all over tamilnadu.
• Organised product promotion events for various companies.
• Conducted events For Government Departments like Co Optex,Handlooms department etc.
• Government bodies like NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and rural development) and other bodies assigns her the responsibilities of conducting exhibitions for their Self Help Groups.

Journalist and Writer

Girija Raghavan is the Editor and Publisher of LadiesSpecial - A women's monthly magazine Tamil Published Since 1997.
Her literary abilities started from 1978. She is an excellent writer and has authored several books.

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President and CEO of Gayathri Creations - A 30 year old Business Consulting firm that has consulted with the Indian Government and several top organizations in India, including Pothys, Kalyani Covering, Infosys, etc. Our services include, advertisement consulting, entrepreneurship advise, government scheme consulting, and more.

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Women Empowerment

Mrs.Girija Raghavan has taken Women Empowerment as her mission and a large army of committed ladies is with her. Girija Raghavan is a social entrepreneur who has a focus on helping women

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Media Personality

Mrs. Girija Raghavan is in the Audio, Video and Print media for the past 25 years. Starting her media career from All India Radio as a contributor, she had grown to be an announcer and News Reader of All India Radio. Lending voice for commercial advertisements was also her creative ability...

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Girija Raghavan is a very strong woman with conviction on Indian Culture, tradition and Hinduism. She projects herself as an icon of Indian culture. She concentrates on sharing her knowledge, experience and skills to the next generation on Hinduism.

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WISE Trust

Girija Raghavan is the Managing Trustee of WISE Trust - a not for profit organization focussed on women empowerment. Thousands of underprivileged women are being helped to become entrepreneurs through this trust.

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Trainer and Coach

Girija Raghavan is a prominent public speaker, trainer and motivator. She has addressed over 3000 organizations and universities in 6 countries world-wide. She speaks on and teaches a varying array of subjects including Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Secrets for Success, Spirituality, and more.

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Ad Film Maker

Girija Raghavan has a very unique expertise in making advertisements. Since 1985 she has experience in writing scripts for Radio advertisements and producing the same with her own voice...

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Event Planning

Girija Raghavan is an experienced event planner with over 40 years experience in planning over 200 large scale events in several countries.

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